Our Founder

Hey there, I’m Ashley and most days you can find me sipping matcha, playing with my cats, experimenting with new vegan recipes, daydreaming about my next adventure and of course, eating The Perfect Pecans!

In May 2013, I began educating myself on the power of food, including the negative effects different foods can have on the body.

I began eating all organic/non-GMO and removed gluten, dairy and refined sugar from my diet. Almost immediately, I experienced a major transformation in my health and began sharing my passion for health and wellness through my blog and instagram, Ashley's Organics.

In April 2017, I adopted a fully vegan lifestyle, removing all animal products from my diet as well as any products that contributed to animal cruelty.

After graduating from California Polytechnic University with my bachelor's degree in Business Administration & Marketing, I moved to San Diego where I began working with several small businesses within the wellness industry before deciding to start my own business!!

How it all began...

It was right around Thanksgiving in 2018 when I started experimenting with some yummy vegan dessert recipes . I roasted a few batches of pecans, trying to get them just right before adding them to pie or whatever else I could come up with.

To my surprise, the pecans were eaten before they even made it into a dessert and my family couldn’t stop raving about them!

I continued making pecans and soon enough, all of my friends and family were hooked!

"OMG! These are SO good! I can’t stop eating them!!”  

“I need more pecans!”  

"I don't usually like pecans but I LOVE these!!"    

“When are you going to start selling these??”

And thus, The Perfect Pecans launched in May 2019!      

Our Mission

It is our goal to provide delicious, healthy snacks that you actually look forward to eating!

We make the tastiest pecans with the best ingredients you’ll find! The Perfect Pecans are homemade in small batches using all organic, vegan and gluten free ingredients and does not use refined sugar!

Once you try them, you will be hooked!!